Monday, January 18, 2016

Flowered Grapevine Wreath Oval Thank You Card

Made for the Susan Tierney-Cockburn Design Team

The new papers from Elizabeth Craft Designs are the perfect backdrops for cards. Here I used a couple of the new releases by Susan Tierney-Cockburn to make a colorful three dimensional thank you card.

Making the Card

1. Cut cardstock 7x10 inches; fold in half to form a 5x7 inch card base. Cut shown Stone paper to 4 1/8 x 6 inches; cut black cardstock to 4 1/4 x 6 1/8 inches. Adhere Stone paper to black cardstock then adhere to card base as shown.

2. Optional: add double sided adhesive to the back of kraft cardstock before die cutting. Die cut Grapevine Wreath Oval from kraft cardstock. Adhere to center of card.

3. Using Mini Botanicals Primrose dies, cut the 4 leaf sets from dark green cardstock. Die cut one set of small Primrose flowers from red, purple, fuchsia, and blue-violet cardstock. Add a dot of Daffodil Liquid Pearls to the center of each. Watch the video below for shaping and assembly.

4. Using Garden Notes Zinnia, die cut 2 large and 1 small petals from both red and fuchsia cardstock. Die cut 4 filaments (looks like a comb) from burgundy cardstock and 2 sets of disk florets (tiny flowers) from yellow cardstock. Die cut 3 large and 2 small leaves from green cardstock. Shade with ink or alcohol markers (Copics: G46 leaves, RV29 and RV55 petals). I drew a couple lines down the middle of each petal and colored about half of each leaf for some subtle shading.

5. Shape the petals by rubbing a ball stylus on the back of each on a molding pad, then flip and rub the ball stylus in the center to form a sort of cup. For each color flower, glue the large petal layers together, offset from one another; glue the small petals on top. Press a small ball stylus in the center of each disk floret (yellow). Curve two sets of filaments (burgundy) so they will go inward (run a ball stylus down them); bend the tops of each of the other two sets back. Add glue down the base of one that curves inward and roll it up, then add the one with the bent tops facing outward to the outside of it. Do this with the other set as well. Glue one set to center of each flower. Glue the florets on the outward bending filaments to for a circle around the center. Rub each leaf with the ball stylus on the back, flip, then draw a line down the middle with the leaf tool (pointy end).

6. Die cut 2 copies of the vines from Mini Botanical Clematis. Cut bottom off to separate into two pieces each. You may want to cut one again depending on how you want them to lay. Draw a line down each leaf on the molding pad using the leaf tool (pointy end). Adhere to wreath as shown, leaving leaves free to pop up for dimension (i.e. do not add glue behind them) - there should be a gap where you will put the Zinnia flowers. Glue flowers as shown.

7. Die cut 2 copies of Thanks from dark green cardstock and one copy from light green cardstock. Glue the dark green copies together to form a stack. Glue the light green copy on top offset a little (you may also just glue it on top if it's too tricky). Glue to card as shown.


ECD Supplies
Other Supplies
  • Cardstock: Kraft, Black, Red, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Blue-Violet, Purple
  • Liquid Pearls: Daffodil
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  1. Love the detail in the flowers!!! Great job, once again!

  2. Once again you have outdone yourself. This card is just plain beautiful! Lots of time and effort goes into each card you make!


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