Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Poker Themed Step-Ups Thank You Card

I made this card for the organizer of an annual board gaming convention. He enjoys card games like Poker and Tichu so I thought I would make a thank you card with that theme. This was also the perfect opportunity to use my new Friends Forever Step-Ups Framelits Card, by Sizzix and Stephanie Barnard.

Making the Card

1. Cut the base card from black cardstock using 660144 Sizzix Framelits Die Set 23PK - Card, Friends Forever Step-Ups; fold as instructed.

2. Use the decorator die to cut black and white striped paper for the front; adhere.

3. Adhere cards in arrangement shown - this is how I used dimensional tape:
10 - one thickness, adhere to back step
J - double thickness, adhere to 10 card
Q - adhere directly to front step
K - double thickness, adhere to Q
A - adhere directly to front of card

4. Cut 4 copies of "thanks" from white cardstock and one from red/orange cardstock. Line up and glue layers together to form a thick stack with the red/orange layer on top. I used Multi-Medium Matte as an adhesive. Adhere across gap in card as shown.

5. Cut poker chip and poker chip stack from white and red/orange cardstock using SVG Cuts Game Night Kit. I resized the colored layer (called green in their file) to 2.5" width (this may vary with software by a small amount - just be sure to line up the base layer with the top layer to check that the widths are correct, i.e. the round poker chip layers should match perfectly.

6. This is the really fun part! If necessary, attach the pointed tip to the Photo Sleeve Fuse tool. Plug in and let warm up for about 10 minutes. Using the medium decorator tag die from 973 Elizabeth Craft Designs Tags Pivot Card, measure out an amount, somewhat larger than the die, of a heavy weight page protector (or pocket page). You will use this to make a shaker tag. Tape down the die at the bottom and carefully trace around all but the bottom end with the Fuse tool. It should cut through the plastic in an outline shape of the tag, sealing the edges. The bottom end will be left open so we can put some shiny stuff inside.

7. Either use a stamp for your sentiment or type one up on your computer then print it out on white cardstock. Be sure to keep the sentiment around 3/4" x 1 3/4" in size so there will be some space around it inside the pocket. Use the tag die to center and cut out the sentiment. Carefully put the tag inside the pocket, then fuse around the tag's hole (top of tag). If the plastic does not stick to itself, use some glue to seal around the edges. Add sequins, star glitter, or whatever small shiny bits you would like inside the pocket. I glued a few to the tag so they wouldn't all float to the bottom. I did this very carefully with tweezers, although you could do this before putting the tag inside the pocket.

8. Carefully fuse the bottom closed using the tag die again (line it up and tape it down from the sides or top to keep it from moving). Thread two pieces of twine through the hole as shown.

9. Adhere tag using a strong glue (I used Glossy Accents; Multi-Medium Matte will probably work as well). Adhere round poker chip with dimensional tape (I actually used fun foam to pop it up, cut in a circle using the poker chip as a template) and the poker chip stack with tape or glue. Adhere sequins and/or glitter where desired to finish the card.

10. Optional: I didn't want the card to open too far so that the cards would line up. To do so, I used a small length of black ribbon adhered to the bottom insides of the card (i.e. I strung the ribbon from card front to card back from the inside).


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