Monday, July 27, 2015

Susan's Garden Canvas Rose Container

Created for the ECD Susan Tierney Cockburn Design Team

This is the first time I used Susan's Garden - Rose 1 dies. The rose it makes sticks out a bit too far for most cards (unless hand delivered) but it's the perfect size for the top of a recycled container. This container had some kind of salt inside (now long gone). The lid was clear but I decided to decorate both the inside and outside, so the clear plastic no longer shows. For the bottom I used faux stone spray - I thought it would be fun to have that texture on the bottom of the container.

Making the Project

1. Die cut about 4 sets of petals (only need one bud) from canvas sheet using Susan's Garden - Rose 1. You may want to use the Metal Adaptor Plate if you have problems cutting all the way through.

2. Paint each with acrylics. Use one color for the back then do the front but this time add highlights and shading. I used a small brush to add darker lines of their respective colors on petals and leaves. I also put the paint on thick to give a little texture.

3. Shape petals and leaves as in the video (further below) but PRESS rather than rub to shape. The paint may come off if you run the stylus down the paint.

4. Use a strong quick drying adhesive to assemble the flower. Hint: the canvas is not as stiff as paper or cardstock; I first glued the outside petals to the calyx, starting with the largest petals then adding smaller until each prong of the calyx was full. I let them dry then pulled them up and glued the petals to each other to form more of a cup shape. The rest was pretty much the same as the video. Be patient with the petals. You may have to glue others to each other.

5. Remove lid from container. You will spray only the bottom outside of the container. Protect area where lid goes with painter's tape or washi tape. Spray with Make It Stone! White Onyx (cover surface before spraying in well ventilated area - I prefer to do this outside). You may want to wait a few hours before adding another coat or two. Leave it to dry overnight.

6. Using container lid, trace a circle on patterned paper; carefully cut just within the line (this depends on the lid - mine had a lip). Adhere to lid. Do same for inside if desired. Add washi tape around side to decorate.

7. Add leaves and flower to top of lid as shown. Once bottom of container has dried, carefully remove painter's tape.


ECD Supplies
Other Supplies
  • Canvas Sheet (e.g. Fredrix Medium Texture Artist Canvas Pad, 10 Sheets 9x12)
  • Acrylic Paint: I used the following colors by Golden Professional Artist Colors - Cadmium Yellow Light, Viridian Green Hue, Phthalo Green (Blue Shade), Alizarin Crimson Hue, Naphthol Red Light, Titanium White
  • Strong Quick Drying Glue (e.g. Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue)
  • Container with Lid
  • Krylon Paper Finishes: Make It Stone! White Onyx 3318213
  • Black Washi Tape
  • Patterned Paper: Crate Paper Style Board 6x6 Pad #683439

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