Monday, January 5, 2015

SVG Cuts Wreath Shaped Card

This card was made with the SVG Cuts Silent Night wreath card files. Below I explain how I changed them slightly to fit a 5x5 envelope plus used the interior file for the decorator paper on the front. Once the initial changes are made, it is surprisingly easy to create multiple copies at the same time.

The Silent Night set also includes a beautiful 3D church, gift bag, ornament, and 3D light bulb. Although they look complicated, the sets are actually very easy to assemble. SVG Cuts offers free assembly videos with clear instructions, usually found at the bottom of each set's page.

Making the Card

1. I used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Explore to cut the designs but you could easily use Cricut Craft Room with older Cricut machines, or Sure Cuts a Lot or other SVG compatible electronic cutting software with other machines. I followed the instructions at for importing SVG files (you can click on help to see the list of videos; the one you want is titled "Cricut Design Space: Uploading Vector Images"). Upload the files: card_base_back.svg, card_base_front.svg, interior.svg, and wreath.svg.

2. Open files: card_base_back.svg and card_base_front.svg. Ungroup the card_base_front from the cut/dashed line. Change the cut line to a score line (Layers menu, click scissors and then choose score tool). Drag the card_base_back to the card_base_front so that the tab is covered and the score line is now the center of the card (you may want to move the score line off then move it back after welding). You may have to arrange the card pieces so the back is on top in order to line them up. Weld the two parts together. Move the score line to the center of the card and group. Use the Edit menu to change the height to 4.86 and width to 9.56 (they may be a tiny bit off but should be close). Cut kraft cardstock. Fold in center, aligning the wreath outlines. Note: the inside of the card was face up on the mat when cut.

3. Open the interior file. Edit the size to height 4.6 and width 4.5; you may check the size against the card file if you didn't get the sizes above, just turn off the eye on the card (or delete it) before cutting. Cut the patterned paper. Adhere to front of card. It should leave a nice kraft outline as shown.

4. Open the wealth file. Edit the size to height 4.19 and width 8.65. Change the cut lines of the leaves to score lines as you did the center line of the card. Cut light green cardstock. Using a blending tool, ink the edges with Bundled Sage Distress Ink. Slightly curve the holly leaf edges. You may use your fingers or something thin like the handle of a small paint brush. Adhere one wreath to the card as shown. Adhere the other wreath on top, offsetting them a bit. Adhere the extra leaves as shown.

5. Tie a bow using red and gold ribbon (I cut them the same length then tied them both as one). Glue half pearls as shown. I usually use Glossy Accents as glue for these; it holds really well.

Optional: You may cut the envelop for the card from paper, just check the size against the card for proper sizing - make the envelope center a bit bigger so the card will slide in easily. Remember it will be a bit bulky with the leaves, bow, and half pearls. I have a die that cuts 5x5 sized envelopes so I didn't use the file.

Notes: I actually keep all the card parts in one file; I turn off the eye icons for items I'm not cutting. This way I only have to open one file for each card project.


  • SVG Cuts Set, Silent Night
  • Cardstock, Kraft, Light Green
  • Patterned Paper or Cardstock (I used Recollections Warm Wishes with Treatments)
  • Distress Ink, Bundled Sage
  • Ink Blending Tool
  • Ribbon, Red, Gold
  • Half Pearls, Red

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  1. Now that card is so very festive... I love it... Great job Mary.... more, more, more please!!


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