Thursday, January 29, 2015

ECD Jewelry - Red Shimmer Pine Sprig Earrings

This is the first time that I'm trying out the new Jewelry dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs. I think the earrings came out pretty well! They sparkle much more than they appear in the image due to the beautiful Shimmer Sheetz. The Ice Resin dries clear, smooth, and shiny - the perfect substrate material.

Making the Earrings

1. Cut 4 pieces of craft foam large enough to accommodate your chosen jewelry die plus space around it. Cut one piece with the die from the front and one piece from the back (this mainly only matters if the foam has adhesive on it already, otherwise just flip one after cutting). Stick each of the cut pieces to the non cut pieces so one is flipped compared to the other; these will form 2 molds. Note: in my photo below, the foam I used on the bottom was yellow and the foam that I die cut was blue.

2. Seal the molds. I used a thin coat of Multi-Meduim but it came off when I removed the jewelry (which gave the backs a matte texture). You may want to try silicone or other sealer plus a release agent.

3. Cut red metallic Shimmer Sheetz, one from the front of the sheet and one from the back so one will be a flipped image of the other.

4. Emboss the cut pieces using the Sprig embossing folder by placing each as desired in the folder and temporarily taping before running through machine (this will keep the pieces from moving). I wanted the sprigs to pop up so I oriented them as such.

5. Sand the tops of the pieces (sprigs). Paint them with Patina paints as desired (acrylic will likely work as well). Let dry.

6. Mix Ice Resin as directed, enough to fill both molds. Spread a very small amount into the bottom of each mold - just enough to cover the very bottom. Pop the painted pieces (painted side up) into the bottom of the moulds. Pour more Ice Resin into the moulds, just enough to fill them and evenly cover the metallic pieces.

7. Let dry at least one day or so, until they are mostly dry but still slightly flexible. Remove from molds. Sand edges if necessary. If you would like a curve in them, place them face down into a large tape roll. Press them against the side to give them a curve. Tape to hold them in place against the roll.

8. Let them dry until completely cured, about two more days. Drill small holes in the tops (I used a Dremel tool with a very small drill bit placed on an old rubber mouse pad). Polish edges if desired. Mount on dangle earring wires.

9. To make the card, cut a piece of white cardstock large enough for the earrings to dangle plus room for the stamped sentiment above. Stamp, punch holes for the earrings, and thread the wires through.


ECD Supplies
  • Jewelry Dies
  • SS0214 Shimmer Sheetz, Metallic Red
  • E127 Embossing Folder, Sprig
Other Supplies
  • Craft Foam (e.g. Fun Foam)
  • Sandpaper
  • Ice Resin
  • Studio Multi-Medium, Matte
  • Patina by Ranger: Emerald, Jade
  • Earring Bases, Gold Dangle
  • Cardstock, White
  • Close to My Heart, My Acrylix
  • Ink: Red, Black

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