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Karen Burniston Twist Panel Pop-Up Puppy Love Thank You Card

Karen Burniston is now in Cahoots with Riley and Company! They are making new pop-up card dies as well as other die creations. A few of her previous designs have been revamped and improved but if you liked her pop-ups before, you are going love these. She has added a lot of little extras to each set - including decorator pieces, edges, and embellishments. The whole collection works well together; it's fun to mix and match them.

This time I am making a thank you card for the host of The Gathering of Friends (a board gaming convention that I attend every year). He likes dogs so I thought it would be fun to create a doggie themed thank you card. I dug out my fairly new Doodlebug Design's Puppy Love paper pad to see what I could use. I tend to hoard Doodlebug Design paper pads, which is not a good habit when your craft space is shrinking, so I'm forcing myself to actually use the papers. Surprisingly, it only hurt a little.

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Making the Card

1. Cut blue cardstock 4 1/4 x 11 inches; fold in half to create a top folding card base that's 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. Cut kraft cardstock 3 3/4 x 5 inches. Adhere to center of card front. I used a lot of patterned paper from Puppy Love by Doodlebug Design - this is where you will find all the patterns except the gingham. Find the page with colorful dogs all over it; cut a piece 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches. Adhere to front of card.

2. Die cut fox/raccoon animal body (Woodland Animals) from orange cardstock. To create a collar, cut the neck area from kraft cardstock; cut off head then trim by following neck line. Trim tail of orange animal to look like a dog's tail (rounded tip and thinner as shown). Trim face to be round (i.e. cut off ears and sides of face). Use a pencil to sketch in eyes, nose, and mouth where shown. Use (alcohol marker friendly*) black pen to fill them in. *Color around one eye with Copic YR04. Alternatively you could cut a small round piece of darker orange cardstock and add an eye to it then glue it over the already drawn eye. Adhere collar. Die cut dark blue cardstock using raccoon mask eye hole. Adhere to collar as a dog tag. Find page with blue dog and green ball (love at FURst site tag). Cut out dog and tennis ball. Set aside dog for inside of card. Glue green ball under arms of orange dog. Cut two acorns from kraft cardstock; cut off tips and tops. Adhere these as ears as shown. Optional: add black Enamel Accents to eyes and nose. Set aside to dry.

The panels collapse as the card is folded. Be sure not to put any decorations on the contact areas.

3. Die cut dotted scalloped rectangle from blue cardstock. In the Doodlebug Designs Gingham-Linen Rainbow Petite Prints pad, find the matching gingham pattern. Die cut about half with same die. On inside edge, die cut with wavy dotted border. Adhere to blue dotted scalloped rectangle. Adhere dog as shown. Die cut heart (Woodland Animals) from heart patterned paper (Puppy Love pad). Adhere where shown. Optional: add Glossy Accents. Set aside to dry.

4. Cut kraft cardstock 3 3/4 x 10 1/2 inches. Die cut top and bottom using wavy dotted edge die (Twist Panel Pop-up). This will go inside the card. Watch the video below for assembly of card using blue cardstock for inside panels, kraft cardstock for arms, blue cardstock for triangle flags, doggie paper for rectangle flags (I centered a different dog at the top of each flag), hearts pattern for one heart, and dog print pattern for the other heart. I also used blue/white twine to string the flags. You may want to decorate flags before final assembly. See steps below.

5. Here is how I decorated the three blue triangle flags: die cut one small heart and one next size up (medium) heart from heart paper. Die cut a dog face with the small heart. Adhere dog face heart in center of medium sized heart. Adhere to triangle flag. Adhere small heart to triangle flag. Cut a strip of four balls from ball paper. Adhere to triangle flag lining up at top; trim excess from back.

6. From the ball paper and blue gingham paper, cut the frame side without the tab - trim off any excess. You want two single panels to cover the first two panels already created. Adhere ball panel to the first pop-up panel and the gingham to the second. Trim off border from two dogs and bird preprinted tag. Optional: round the corners with 1/4 inch corner rounder. Adhere to first panel (ball paper). For the second panel, you may decorate it with something from the paper pad, or create your own greeting as I did. I used text editing software to create the greeting and printed it on cardstock. I then die cut it with the coordinating decorator panel die. I finished it off by using a dark blue gingham strip with a row of balls adhered to it.

7. For the third panel, find the Having a ball! preprinted tag and round the corners if desired. Adhere as shown. The final panel background was cut using the decorator panel die with blue gingham. Die cut Thanks (Word Set 1 - Greetings) from black cardstock. Adhere where shown. Adhere blue dog from earlier. Cut out ball from ball paper; adhere as shown.

8. Optional: you may also decorate the back of the card using similar techniques as above. The extra cardstock on the back will also help give it a bit more support. The stamp I used for the back is from Holmes Custom - the Marino Handwritten self-inking stamp.


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  1. Brilliant use of Karen's dies and very creative changing her woodlands animal into a puppy!


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