Monday, December 26, 2016

Repurposed Box for a Masculine Gift

I tend to keep containers, notepads, and other objects in hopes that I might make something with sometime in the future. In this case, I had a box that came from a grab bag at a craft store. It was a red lacquer-type box with "hello" written in white on the top - not very exciting. The techniques here can be adopted for use in other ways, such as on a cover for a notepad or in multi-media artwork. Creative Medium, by Imagine Crafts, can be used on all types of surfaces - it adheres well and provides enough tooth for easy integration with other mediums. In this case I'm using black gesso as a base. The iridescent and metallic layers look best over black.

Making the Box

1. If the wood finish is shiny or smooth, it's a good idea to sand first. These techniques may be used over paper mâché or even plastic.

2. Watch the video below:

Notes: there are several choices for Creative Medium, different metallics as well as iridescent colors. There are also other choices for Delicata and Brilliance - making for seemingly endless combinations.

  • Creative Medium: Clear, Iridescent Green, Metallic Bronze
  • Delicata Ink: Golden Glitz
  • Brilliance Ink: Gamma Green
  • irRESISTible Pico Embellisher: Bronze
  • Sheer Shimmer Spritz: Gold
  • Ink Blushers
  • Multi-Purpose Squeegee and/or Palette Knives
  • Box
  • Acrylic Paint Brush
  • Gears Stencil (e.g. Dreamweaver)
  • Black Gesso (e.g. Liquitex)
  • Felt: Black, Red
  • Optional: Soap Pen
  • Recommended: Craft Mat

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