Monday, August 17, 2015

Bear Hugs Birthday Flip-its Card

Created for the Oak Tree Stamps Design Team

This is the second card I made using Oak Tree Stamps' Bear Hugs set! If you missed the first one, you can find it here; I had altered the stamp to look like a panda bear. This time I left the bear mostly as is, coloring it with neutral tones in contrast to all the colors in the birthday card.

Making the Card

Hint: when making cards, I suggest beginning by first choosing your patterned paper. This way you can match the card base and other elements to the colors in the pattern.

1. From blue cardstock, die cut a card base using the main die from the Square Flip-its #2 set.

2. Die cut the decorator pieces from patterned paper. Adhere where shown. Cut a square 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches. Stamp "You're the Beary Best!" in the center. Add doodling around the edges. Adhere to back side of flip panel. Optional: cut another larger decorator piece from white cardstock to stick to the back of the card as writing space. (Note: there is another photo of the back of the flip-it further on.)

3. Stamp bear in appropriate black ink on alcohol marker friendly paper. Color with alcohol markers. Find the list of Copic markers I used below Supplies. Hint, in the darker furry areas, color the bear first with the lightest color then start adding "hair" in progressively darker colors - add more of the darker hair in the shadows, leaving the highlight areas lighter. Add highlights to the bear's eyes and nose with a white gel pen. Rough cut around bear - leaving about half an inch of space. Adhere to a piece of black cardstock. The black behind the bear will show from the flip side of the card.

4. Cut around the outline of the bear plus around the arm that will hold the balloon string. From the back side of the bear, go around the edges with a dark gray marker (I used N7) to get rid of the white edge line. This gives it a more polished look.

5. Die cut balloons from red, green, and yellow cardstock using Balloons Triplits Die Set (I chose my red balloon to be larger than the yellow and green). With black pen, doodle around the edges of the balloons as desired. Die cut three strings from black cardstock.

6. To create the banner, cut a strip of white cardstock about 3/8 inch wide and maybe 4 inches long (you will cut it to size later). Lightly make pencil marks 2 1/8 inches apart where the greeting will go, sort of in the center of the banner to give you some wiggle room. Pencil "Happy Birthday!" within those marks. I tried to mimic the Bear Hugs font. Alternatively you could use a stamp. Ink over in black. Hold the banner in position on the card and mark the left edge. Cut banner to about 2 3/4 inches (the right tail will stick out). Cut a V from the right side. Hint: I make a small dot in the center where the V will meet then cut from each side. Doodle around the edges of the white banner with black pen. Cut red cardstock 1/2 inch wide and a bit longer than the trimmed down white banner (about 3 inches). Adhere white banner down center, lining up the left side flush. Trim a V on the right side to match the spacing around the banner. Adhere the banner as shown.

7. Temporarily place bear, green balloon, and string in place. Carefully adhere string end under balloon, plus under the loop, then balloon (not getting glue on back where it sticks up over card). Add dimensional tape under bear (again noting where bear sticks up over card and avoiding that area). Put string under bear's paw and stick him to the card.

8. Glue both balloon strings and yellow balloon as shown. Use dimensional tape to adhere red balloon. Tie a bow with the green ribbon. Adhere enamel dots and bow as shown.

Copic Markers Used
Fur: E37, E35, E34, E33, E32, E30
Foot Pads: E97, E95, E02, E01
Edging: N7


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