Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Xyron & Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Halloween Pop-up Card

A Xyron and Graphic 45 collaboration makes this Halloween/Masquerade card super cool. Graphic 45 sent the Xyron design team a 12x12 pack of gorgeous papers plus a couple matching items. I chose Midnight Masquerade. Along with the 12x12 paper pack, I received the matching Journaling Chipboard and Tags & Pockets plus a packet of Artist Trading Tags. I absolutely love the color combination - it has a Mardi Gras feel to it. The hardest part was deciding which papers to leave out (I wanted to put them all in - both sides... one of these days I will have to make a mini-album out of the rest of these papers so I can show them all off). To make the card even more special, I added pop-up elements to it with Karen Burniston dies.

GIVEAWAY!! Two lucky winners will receive a Graphic 45 Christmas paper pack and a Xyron Mega Runner! To enter, just post a comment on any of the Graphic 45 projects on the Xyron Facebook page during this week (October 22-26, 2018).

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Making the Card

0. I recommend first reading through all the steps, cutting out papers as instructed, and watching the videos before putting anything together. Then follow the steps in order. This isn't a difficult card (the hardest part is probably folding the side explosion wings) - but there are a lot of pieces, which is what I think makes it look so cool!

1. Cut green-blue cardstock 7x10 inches; fold in half to form a 5x7 inch card base. Cut two pieces of medium purple paper 4 13/16 x  6 3/4 inches (to line the inside of the card). Set aside.

2. From the Midnight Masquerade 12x12 paper pack, find the pages with all the panels of images (Music Makers). I recommend cutting apart each design but you will only need two copies of the top right image (the guy in the cloak bowing to the lady). Cut dark purple cardstock 1/4 inch larger than one of these images such that 1/8 inch will show as a boarder. Using detail scissors, fussy cut both flower clusters and the man's cloak from the other piece. Use an ink blending tool to apply Rusty Hinge Distress Ink to the edges of the flowers and Peacock Feathers Distress Ink to cloak edges. Cut dark blue cardstock 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. Find the page with the masks (Venetian Carnival) - the back will have a diamond pattern, this is the side we will use; cut to 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches and ink edges with Peacock Feathers. Find the page with the stamps and mask strip at the bottom (Savor the Magic). Cut all the elements apart but leave the dancers strip with the orange/diamond/orange patterned strips attached (if you accidentally cut them off, just adhere them together on the card as shown). For the card, you will use the strip of dancers, the small dark blue and cream design near the bottom of the page (it will end up above the dancers on the card), and three of the stamps (you can choose the three you like best or use the same ones I did). Ink edges of stamps with Dusty Concord Distress Ink. Trim strip of dancers and blue/cream border to 7 inches wide. Ink edges with Peacock Feathers. Set aside.

3. Using the Upsy Daisy Pop-up dies, die cut three dark blue scalloped squares and two dark purple arms. Watch the video below to see how to fold the arms - use liquid glue to only assemble the box areas of the arms. Don't put the rest together yet. It's best to watch the video below and the next (step 4) to see how this will all go together; the rest of the assembly will continue below - the order is important.

4. Using the Explosion Pop-up dies, die cut two wings from medium purple paper and fold as shown in the video below but do not assemble anything else yet. Also die cut the pop-up platform from dark purple cardstock, leaving about 1/2 inch above and below; trim sides flush. Note: I made mine out of recycled plastic packaging - it turned out OK but the card is difficult to keep closed and is bulkier than if I had used cardstock. I recommend using dark purple cardstock instead and adhering the center matted stamp near the bottom of the front platform instead of higher up as shown in my photos.

5. From Midnight Masquerade Tags & Pockets, punch out the pocket with the lady under the moon. Since we will be using the lady side, you may have to trim a little from the folding edges when assembling. Fold everything first to see how much you need to trim. Fold the back across, then fold the side flap in, gluing in place, then fold the bottom flap up, gluing in place. Using an ink blending tool, ink edges with Dusty Concord Distress Ink. Punch out the orange bordered tag with the woman's back to the viewer and "Midnight Masquerade" written above her head. Trim edges if necessary so it will slip easily in and out of pocket. Ink edges with Rusty Hinge Distress Ink. Next punch out the arrow with mask; ink each with Peacock Feathers.

6. Run the following through the Xyron 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive: 2 pieces medium purple paper (step 1), panel image with man in cloak plus dark purple cardstock (step 2), dark blue cardstock plus diamond paper (step 2), 7 inch strips with dancers and blue/cream (step 2), three cut out stamps (step 2). Rub around all edges. You may want to trim the elements apart before removing backing papers. Note: be sure to flip papers over then peel backing away in order to keep papers from curling as much. If there is any extra adhesive around edges, use Adhesive Remover. Adhere medium purple papers inside card base, one on top and one on bottom, leaving a small gap for the fold. Adhere diamond patterned paper to dark blue paper. Adhere to center front of card base. Adhere blue/cream strip going across card, 2 inches from top. Adhere strip of dancers just below it. Adhere panel image with man in cloak to dark purple cardstock. Adhere to front of card where shown. Adhere stamps to dark blue scalloped squares. Leave off the rest of the elements for now.

7. Adhere explosion wings to sides of inside card as shown in video, lining up with purple liner edges. Cut two pieces of purple stars (Romantic Rendezvous) paper  4 7/16 x 6 inches. Use the stars side on the bottom and the other side for the top. Open card and lay the stars piece in the card just below the fold line, centered, then mark with pencil the angles of the explosion pop-up where they overlap; cut off just a slight bit more than marked. Flip the card around and do the same for the top piece using the side shown. Run these pieces through Xyron 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive (be sure to have the correct sides facing up). Adhere in card, making sure that all folded areas are clear enough to fold unhindered.

8. Adhere center dark purple pop-up panel (you may want to trim the top and bottom - just keep enough to glue in card). Adhere side arms as in video, making sure they clear the pop-up. Adhere the matted stamps as shown. Die cut balloons shown, using a white gel pen to draw in the balloon shine before removing from die. Note: for the medium purple paper balloons, I cut two of each and glued them together for stability. Die cut strings for each balloon from dark purple cardstock. For the balloons that would be adhered only to their strings, I doubled the string thickness. I also cut a straight string by hand for the center purple balloon behind the center stamp. Adhere each where shown. I cut off the loop on the left orange balloon that is glued behind the stamp. I also popped up the two balloons on the top left by running craft foam through the 9" Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive twice, once on each side (removing cellophane in between) to apply adhesive on both sides - this creates dimensional tape.

9. Adhere Lilac, Swimming Pool sequins where shown. To place these I highly recommend the Crystal Tanto. While the inside elements dry, on a craft sheet, dye a length of seam binding with Dusty Concord Distress Ink (spray with water) and some twine with Peacock Feathers (I just used what was on the blending tool foam, rolling it as I went along the string).

10. Use Mega Runner on back of pocket to adhere it to card where shown. Use a hole punch or Crop-A-Dile to punch a hole at the top of the orange tag (where the flower is, just a bit low on it). Tie ribbon and twine around hole. Put tag in pocket. Use the dimensional tape created in step 8 to adhere flower and cloak over the ones on front of card. Use dimensional tape to adhere mask arrow where shown. Add square flower from Journaling Chipboard in upper right corner (or just add another sequin). Add LilacSwimming Pool sequins going from bottom left to top right. Optional: Add clear Wink of Stella where desired on cover and inside (e.g. cloak, flowers, masks). See photo above (may have to click on it to see the shine). Optional: if the card feels too front heavy, cut dark blue cardstock and patterned paper (same size as those used for front of card), run through 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive, and adhere to back of card; this should help the balance.

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  1. A very splashy creation with this!! I absolutely love all things Graphic 45 as well, they have the most delicious papers don't they?

    1. Yes - and I tend to hoard the paper packs because they are so beautiful! I'm trying to break that habit (now that I'm running out of space) :-)

  2. Love the pop-up. the colors are
    gorgeous. Interactive cards
    are a lot of fun. thanks for
    sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Gorgeous pop up card. Love all the detail.
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. Will have to add this card to my must do list. Very cool


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