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Halloween Cards with Xyron and Doodlebug Design

Doodlebug Design has some of the cutest and most colorful papers on the market - definitely a favorite of mine! This year's Halloween release was Pumpkin Party. I've also collected some packs and pads from recent years (OK, I tend to hoard them). Unfortunately, many have limited print runs (adding to my distress of using them!). The one big positive is that some of the collections are available as cuttable files, through Lori Whitlock's website and through the Silhouette online store. I made two cards, using Xyron products to put them all together.

I've purchased Doodlebug Design files from both aforementioned sites. Lori Whitlock's are SVG files, which are more flexible (i.e. may be cut with most cutting machines), whereas the Silhouette versions are proprietary studio files for use with Silhouette software. I have several of the collections already and hope to get more (I joined the Lori Whitlock subscription monthly service - you get the best value when they go on sale, be sure to sign up for her blog updates - that's where many sales are announced). Note: Pumpkin Party SVG collection was not out yet when I made these cards so I chose a similar character from a previous release.

To make these files super easy to assemble after cutting, I use my Xyron products: the big things go into my 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive and the small things go into my 1.5" Sticker Maker. The Adhesive Remove cleans up any extraneous adhesive.

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Making the Card

0. The steps below feature the first card's main character (Frankenstein's monster) plus the chemistry set and spiders for the second card; the second card's main character (scientist) will be similar, just using a different file.

1. Die cut black cardstock with main Circle Flip-its die; fold as directed. Use the decorative side panel dies to cut 12x12 sheet with kids in costume (Costume Party) from Pumpkin Party. Also use the larger side panel die to cut a piece of white cardstock for back of card. Use the circle die to cut Pumpkin Party 6x6 sheet of haunted houses with trees, and another from candy corn sheet. Also from candy corn sheet, cut a strip 1/2 inch wide. This strip will go inside the card to cover the black strip down middle, above and below circle. Use a pencil to mark where the circle starts and ends (with appropriate gap) then use the circle die to cut the paper where marked. See photo below. In Pumpkin Party 6x6 pad, find sheet with printed strips; cut out orange Happy Halloween strip. From Pumpkin Party 12x12 pad, find sheet with square labels; cut out label with princess and Trick or Treat above her head. Set aside these papers for now.

Open Card

    Back of Card

    2. Cut one of the lighter purple cardstock sheets from Hunkydory Adorable Scorable Cardstock to 7x10 inches; fold in half to form a 5x7 inch card base. Cut a darker purple from the same pack to 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches. From Boos & Brews 12x12 pad, cut sheet with chemistry beakers 4 5/8 x 6 5/8 inches. From the Boos & Brews 6x6 pad, find sheet with square labels and strips. Cut out square label with frog, beaker, bottles and spiders with purple frame, and also strip with "Happy Halloween!" Cut tails in left side of strip. Cut craft foam to fit behind strip. Also cut an extra piece of craft foam, enough to pop up spiders. Cut square of yellow-orange cardstock 1/8 inch larger than frog/beaker label so it frames it 1/16 inch all around. Use Nested Circle Small Stitch Dies to cut larger light blue circle (3 5/8 inch) and smaller yellow-orange circle (2 1/8 inch). Set aside all pieces for now.

    See photo below. For inside of card, cut candy strip from Pumpkin Party 6x6 sheet of strips. Cut Doc Frankenstein "I'm mad about CaNDy" rectangle label from Boos & Brews 6x6 pad. Cut purple cardstock (same color used for card base) 1/4 inch bigger than Doc Frankenstein label (it will be framed 1/8 inch around). Set these aside for now as well.

    3. Load Booville - FrankBoos & Brews - Chemistry Set 1, and Boos & Brews - Spiders into Silhouette software (I used Sure Cuts a Lot - SCAL). Ungroup each and move pieces in areas of the mat that are similar in color. See photo below. I put all the small pieces in the top left corner to be cut in white then colored with markers later. I did the same for darker versions of the same color - i.e. I used markers to darken them. Note, I forgot to cut the white layer on the spiders - they should have been in the upper left as well (I ended up cutting scraps by hand to put behind spider bodies). I also deleted any layers or cut lines that were either unnecessary or too small, like the spiders' eyes (use pen/marker to draw in later) and highlights on bubbles and beakers (use white gel pen later).

    4. Cut scraps of cardstock large enough to cover the associated areas and place on cutting mat in appropriate locations.

    5. Once cut, use markers to color any white pieces in their designated colors, as well as darken areas of same color (e.g. neck and scar on Frankenstein monster's face under-layer). See photo below. I also used the markers to darken orange inside pumpkin area (not shown). Hint: place very small pieces in a small dish so they won't get lost. I used a porcelain petal dish, usually used for watercolor.

    6. Run large pieces through 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive. Rub all over clear cellophane before peeling it away - see hint in step 7.* Note: be sure to put white cardstock panel piece for back of black Flip-it card though the Creative Station with the correct side up (it will be opposite the patterned paper since it will be on the back side of the card from it).

    7. Run small pieces through 1.5" Sticker Maker; rub all over cellophane then peel it away.* See photo below. *Hint: use die pick to rub around edges of pieces before peeling up cellophane. For very small pieces, I used liquid glue. Leave these in their dish or bowl for now.

    8. Cut around candy corn circle (leaving it on backing paper) to free it from the rest of the items on the backing paper. Adhere princess with Trick or Treat above her head to center of candy corn circle. Die cut with circle to get rid of overhanging corners (alternatively you could trim them with a pair of detail scissors). When assembling larger card elements, peel backing paper away from cardstock and patterned papers; this keeps them from warping as much. For the black Flip-it card, adhere patterned papers where shown and white piece on back. For purple base card, adhere chemistry beakers to darker purple 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 inch cardstock from step 2 then adhere to card base.

    9. Assemble characters, spiders, and chemistry set. Hint: reload the cut files in software and ungroup again - pull layers apart as necessary to see how to assemble them. Use liquid glue for very small parts. Use thin black marker, such as a .03 black Copic Multiliner SP (I prefer the SP version because they are refillable - less waste and more economical in the long run), to draw eyes on spiders (you could also substitute with googly eyes). Use white gel pen to add highlights to bubbles and beakers. (Oops, I forgot to adhere the blue beaker layers before the liquids so I just left them off but it isn't as dimensional without them.)

    10. Use craft foam with adhesive behind the two spiders and black Happy Halloween flag. Adhere all pieces where shown. Adhere Doodlebug Deisgn Sequins: Lilac, Limeade, and Tangerine where shown on black Flip-it card (I used 9 total, 3 in each color).

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