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Campfire Comfort Tent Pop-up Card & Daniel Smith Watercolor

Another adorable stamp by Dreamerland Crafts, Campfire Comfort is a sweet image of a girl and her pup enjoying a summer evening by their campfire under the stars. I decided to mimic the scene in 3D inside the card using Karen Burniston's new Tent Pop-up dies. To match the stamped image, I altered the tent to have poles (toothpicks), added a blanket and pillow (paper towel) inside the tent, and popped up a campfire. I also mirrored the sky inside the card using the same glitter stars as on the front.

To color the image, I used Daniel Smith watercolors. I absolutely love using them. They are professional watercolors - highly pigmented and lightfast (probably overkill for a card but that's the way I roll!). I enhanced the watercoloring with a touch of colored pencil (Faber-Castell Polychromos).

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Making the Card

1. Stamp Campfire Comfort on smooth side of Distress Watercolor Cardstock in Nocturne VersaFine Clair ink (I recommend using a Stamp Platform or Stamp Positioner for this). Also stamp just the tent on reddish brown gingham paper (6x6 Paper Pad Gingham-Linen Rainbow Petite Prints).

2. Use masking fluid (e.g. Molotow 2.0 mm Marker) to add some dot stars in the sky (you will add the smallest ones later with a white gel pen). While drying, fussy cut out gingham tent using detail scissors, or craft knife and cutting mat; carefully cut around pillow/blanket, dog, and girl. Use a Tuxedo Black Memento marker, brush tip side, from the backside to go around the edges - this will help hide any white edges against the black stamping.

3. Watercolor image, leaving tent area alone since it will be covered anyway. Hint: add some Tuxedo Black Memento marker (the fine tip is great for this) around the inside line in case the cutting of the tent piece is a little off. I used Daniel Smith watercolorsBlack Velvet brushes, and a porcelain palette. While the watercolors are out, we'll use them to color the tree stump, two logs, and the ends of toothpicks to form tent poles. Using the Tent Pop-up dies, die cut tree stump (close-up photo further below) and two logs from same watercolor cardstock (the logs go under the fire and are connected, see photo of pop-up fire). Watercolor to look like wood. Cut the sharp ends off two round toothpicks then cut them in half (I used Tim Holtz/Tonic scissors). Watercolor to look like wood to match the tent poles you colored in the front card image.

4. Once dry, rub off the masking fluid from the front card image. You may want to soften the edges a little with a damp brush. Add extra stars, fewer at the bottom graduating to many more at the top. I used a number 10 white Gelly Roll but I had to dot very carefully - a smaller size, like a size 05, might have been a better choice (hindsight!). Adhere the tent cut out (step 2) - I used Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive in a Fineline Applicator. Optional: add some clear Wink of Stella over the fire for subtle shimmer - it doesn't show up in the photos but looks pretty in person. Die cut with 2nd largest Rectangles - Crosshatch die (largest rectangle without crosshatching).

5. Cut dark blue cardstock 7x10 inches; fold in half to form a 5x7 inch card base. Cut linen side of light brown paper (Doodlebug Design 12x12 Paper Pad Gingham-Linen Rainbow Petite Prints) 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches, plus two pieces 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches (set these aside for now). Adhere the 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 piece to front of card. Use largest Rectangles - Crosshatch die to cut the linen side of dark blue from the same pad. Adhere image to this. Adhere to front of card as shown, leaving equal space around top, bottom, and left side.

6. Die cut the letters H, A, P, P, Y from silver Tim Hotz Kraft Metallic cardstock using Alphabet dies. Adhere to card as shown. Adhere glitter stars as shown. Die cut "sweet" and "summer" (Word Set 6 - Summer) from same silver cardstock. Finally die cut the small lamp (Camping Charms) from bronze cardstock and the small square with rounded corners for the inside of the lamp from yellow-orange cardstock (see close-up photo further below). Adhere the yellow-orange behind the lamp. Optional: use Glossy Accents in openings to look like glass. Set these aside for now, allowing the Glossy Accents to dry.

7. Trim a very small bit off the long side of the two pieces of brown linen set aside in step 5 to accommodate the card fold (i.e. they will be less than 4 3/4 inches x 6 3/4 inches). Adhere to inside of card on either side of fold, minding space around outside edges; you may want to place them without adhesive first to be sure they won't need more trimming.

8. Watch the following video but do not assemble yet. Read the instructions below the video first before assembling the tent.

Using Tent Pop-up campfire dies, die cut fire in yellow cardstock and smaller flames in yellow-orange cardstock. Adhere together, leaving room for logs (line up evenly above yellow-orange). Optional: add some clear Wink of Stella over the fire for subtle shimmer. Adhere logs to bottom (step 3). Die cut tent in reddish brown gingham from Doodlebug Design 12x12 Paper Pad Gingham-Linen Rainbow Petite Prints to match tent on front of card - keep the small circles cut out at the top of the tent. Since I wanted the tent to match the front of the card, I altered it by adding toothpick "poles" and replacing the hole cut outs. Use washi tape in a brown color behind the holes and replace the pieces that were die cut out. I used a teflon bone folder to rub them in place. Trim off some of the front tent flaps straight with the opening of the tent leaving about 1/3 inch or so to wrap around the toothpick poles; keep the pieces. Cut a notch at the top of the tent openings on both sides where the toothpick poles will go - I just made a little half circle to give them more room. Work all the folds in the tent as in the video. Adhere the toothpicks on each side of the holes you cut such that they will stick up when folded; they will cross at the hole. Do not glue the poles together! They need to move independently so the card can open/close, i.e. they will rub against each other as the card is opened/closed. I wrapped and glued the tent flaps around each toothpick at the tent front. For the back toothpicks, I used the extra paper from the front flaps to secure them then glued the back flaps together at the tab as shown in the video. The tent back will need to fold outwards so leave room behind the tent (in the video Karen folds the flaps inward to allow the tent to be put further back in the card - don't do this). Adhere in card as shown in video, leaving the extra room behind the tent.

Instead of die cutting vellum to attach the tree stump from step 3, cut a strip about 1/2 inch wide and about 2 3/4 inches long. Mountain fold at 1/2 inch, 1 1/2 inches, and 2 inches (it will form a sort of box, angled on one side). Adhere the 1/2 inch piece against the tent side at the middle lined up at the bottom where it meets the card base. Adhere the other end of the strip on the base of the card, meeting the piece you just glued, to form the box. Once the Glossy Accents on the lamp is dry, adhere it to the top of the tree stump then adhere the tree stump to the vellum where shown. Adhere the fire on the card where shown.

9. For the blanket inside the tent, cut a piece of dark purple linen paper from 6x6 Paper Pad Gingham-Linen Rainbow Petite Prints to fit inside tent - measure the tent base: sides and opening, trim paper to be slightly smaller so it will slide in easily. Slide into tent and mark center/fold with a pencil; fold in half at mark. Trim off the fold itself (minimal amount) while the piece is folded so you get two pieces, then the glue pieces in tent on either side of fold - I curled one corner over and glued the flap corner down so it looked more like a blanket. Create a little pillow out of a white paper towel by cutting a rectangle larger than the pillow size then folding all edges inside and applying a piece of mounting/dimensional tape to the center for some fluff. Add glue around the edges of the pillow then stick down inside tent where shown, avoiding the fold.

10. Adhere "sweet" and "summer" where shown. Adhere glitter stars, adding more at top of card and less going further down to mimic front of card's sky. I highly recommend using the Crystal Katana tool - it is pretty awesome: I placed the stars where I wanted them, put some glue on a toothpick in one hand, used the Crystal Katana to slightly pick up a star, dabbed glue under it and placed it back down. The tool releases immediately! It makes it very easy to add glitter, sequins, pearls, and gem embellishments.

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