Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hybrid Waterbrush - Kuretake Sable Hair with Niji Base

Hybrid Sable Hair Waterbrush Using Kuretake and Niji

I have a number of waterbrushes - all are nylon tipped. They function to various degrees - although none are great. I do love the amount of water they hold though, making them very convenient for travel. The Kuretake sable hair brush pen is a fine writing and inking instrument, although normally it is rather pricey. Its main drawback is that the ink chamber (which theoretically could be filled with water) is quite small. This modification will allow you to attach the sable hair Kuretake brush pen replacement (a less expensive option to buying the whole pen) to a waterbrush base to get the best of both worlds!

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Making the Hybrid Waterbrush

I got this idea from another YouTuber, whose assembly video is below. My version's assembly is basically the same as the one he shows, with a couple modifications. First let's go over the items you will need in order to create this hybrid waterbrush. You only need to get the Kuretake brush pen tip replacement rather than the entire pen but I will link the full pens at the bottom of this post.
I made the following video, which briefly goes over the parts (also pictured in this post) and shows the waterbrush in action.

The photo below shows the supplies I used (note, you only need one waterbrush - I showed two for size comparison; I used the mini version).

Hybrid Sable Hair Waterbrush Using Kuretake and Niji Supplies

Below are all the parts spread out before I began assembly. You may want to keep the pieces, especially for the waterbrush; you can use it on another waterbrush when it wears out (assuming you have others).

Hybrid Sable Hair Water Brush Using Kuretake and Niji Supplies

Watch the video below for assembly, with the following notes and modifications:
  • Keep the plastic cap from the pen replacement - it will be the cap to your new pen.
  • If you want a smaller base (like mine) order the Niji Waterbrush Mini. The regular brush base is larger - it holds more water but is longer and may be too large for travel (not a problem for studio use of course).
  • Cut the plastic piece from the top of the Niji waterbrush measuring 22 to 24mm from the bottom part (the part that was closer to the base, not the tip).
  • Inserting the replacement into the trimmed plastic piece is difficult but it will eventually go in.
  • Remove the gold ring from the converter before inserting to pen. It was really difficult but it eventually went in. It should go all the way up to where the plastic meets the gold bottom.

Below shows the assembled hybrid brush as well as the pieces left over.

The supplies for my version are listed above, near the beginning of the post. Below are the full brush pens (the cap is nicer but the cost is quite a bit higher). I also listed other waterbrushes (not tested but may work).

Full brush pens:
Kuretake Sable Hair Brush Pen No. 40
Kuretake Sable Hair Brush Pen No. 50
Other waterbrush options:
Kuretake Detailer Tip Watercolor Brush - Smaller Barrel
Kuretake Large Tip Watercolor Brush - Larger Barrel

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