Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Faux Glass Charm with StazOn

This charm is both fun to make and looks really cool. You could easily use this technique to make a pendant, earrings, or smaller charms for hanging off tags or a charm bracelet. I made this one with potions for Halloween.

The clear embossing powder gives the charm a shine that makes it look like glass. I edged the piece with silver embossing powder, which looks like a metal frame when finished. You could also use other colors, such as gold or black.

Making the Charm

1. Die cut shrink plastic using Potion Bottles. Cut a piece of shrink plastic in a rectangle that is larger than the potions stamp (Mini Halloween 4) - I recommend using a cutter so the lines will be straight.

2. Watch the video below for stamping, coloring, and embossing. You will emboss the piece multiple times with clear embossing powder. You may add VersaMarker (or VersaMark Ink) in between layers, or if you work quickly, you may dip the just heated piece back into the clear powder and it will stick.

3. Hints: I left the back of the charm with a pebble-like texture for a rough glass look. You may put more on to make it smooth. Also, I made the mistake of coloring the entire purple bottle, which had the unfortunate effect of making the label too dark. If I did this over, I would leave the center of the bottle clear where the label would go. The green bottle label didn't fit in the hole after shrinking (they don't shrink evenly) - it didn't bother me since I wanted it to stick up anyway. I'm not sure if adding it to the center of the plastic before shrinking would work - I wouldn't recommend putting glue on before baking; it might start a fire.

4. Attach a jump ring to each side through the hole punched earlier. Attach one jump ring to the lobster claw hook clasp and the other to the chain. Note, if you don't like the clasp next to the charm, you may attach it in the middle of the chain so it won't show on the front, just open a link in the middle to do so. I like the look of it so I put it next to the charm.

  • StazOn Inks (Midi and/or Full Sized Ink Pads): Jet Black, Cactus Green, Forest Green, Eden
    Green, Orange Zest, Pumpkin, Gothic Purple, Royal Purple, Midnight Blue, Dove Gray, Spiced Chai
  • StazOn All Purpose Stamp Cleaner
  • Embossing Powder: Clear, Silver
  • VersaMarker (Preferred) or VersaMark Ink Pad
  • Ink Blushers
  • DoodleStix
  • GlazOn Clear
  • Shrink Plastic: Clear (e.g. Shrinky Dinks)
  • Stamps: Stampers Anonymous - Mini Haloween 4 CMS198, Mini Blueprints 5 CMS170
  • Dies: Taylored Expressions - Potion Bottles
  • Hole Punch (e.g. Crop-A-Dile)
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Glue
  • Chain, Jump Rings, Lobster Claw Hook Clasp
  • Optional: Stamp Positioner
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