Sunday, November 30, 2014

November ECD Challenge: Gift Luminaries

Created for the Elizabeth Craft Designs DT.

This month’s challenge is to make a gift (not a card). I decided to make some luminaries, which may be given with flameless (battery operated) candles for a “glowing” addition to the holidays.

Making the Luminaries

1. Measure the front of the lunch bags. For the front panel, cut a piece of black cardstock 1/2 inch smaller in width but the same height as each bag. Note: lunch bags are not necessarily all the same size, even in the same package. Optional: cut two sets for each bag, one for the front and one for the back.

2. Die cut Snowflakes down one panel as shown to form windows (repeat for a back panel if desired). Be sure to leave at least half an inch clearance on each side and bottom. Keep the small inside pieces if you want to add those details to the snowflakes. Repeat with base ornament dies (Ornament Set 2 and Ornament Set 3 used here) on another panel.

3. Hold a piece of white tissue paper up to one of the snowflake windows and roughly trace around it in pencil, leaving enough of an edge for glue. Cut. On the back of the panel, add a little glue around the window and adhere tissue. Repeat for all the other windows. If any overlap other windows, simply trim. Optional: you may use colored tissue paper as I did with the ornaments, but note the colors may not show up in the dark.

4. Glue the small pieces to the front of the snowflakes. For the ornaments, die cut detail pieces from black cardstock. Adhere to the front of the base ornaments as shown.

5. Cut out the front of the bag where the panel will go leaving just over half an inch (alternatively you may line up the panel on the front of the bag and mark inside the windows where the edges are). You will not need the top so you may cut from the top in a U shape down the bag. This is to allow the light to shine through the windows from the inside of the bag. Add Double Sided Adhesive Tape along edges and bottom of panel. With the bag closed, adhere panel to front edges of bag. Repeat on back if desired.

6. Add a flameless (battery operated) candle to the inside of the bag and enjoy! (Hints below.)

Hints: 1) For a cleaner look, instead of lunch bags, you could use black paper sacks as sold in craft stores. 2) I haven’t tried this but instead of tissue paper behind the ornaments, you may want to experiment with recycled plastic packaging colored with alcohol ink.


Elizabeth Craft Designs
Other Supplies
  • Lunch Bags
  • Cardstock: Black
  • Tissue Paper
  • Liquid Adhesive/Glue
  • Flameless Candles

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