Friday, December 21, 2018

Doodlebug Design Here Comes Santa Claus Christmas Card

If you find Doodlebug Design papers super cute and quite irresistible (like me), then you will love these matching SVG cut files from Lori Whitlock and Doodlebug Design. You can buy them individually or get the whole set (again like me). Xyron adhesives make everything stick together easily. Follow along for some tips and tricks for putting together cut files.

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Making the Card

1. Download the Doodlebug Design Here Comes Santa Claus set SVG cut files from Lori Whitlock's site (you may also buy the individual files if you prefer).

2. Load Santa Standing and Reindeer Papa files into Silhouette Studio (cut/copy them to the same mat if necessary). Resize to fit on a 5x7 card (I think I used heights of about 4.5 inches for Santa and about 3.3 inches for the reindeer). Ungroup each and separate the layers according to color. See photo below. I put the layers to be cut in white in the upper right corner - I use my Copic markers to color smaller areas to save time (e.g. having to cut pink or yellow cardstock). The black deer silhouette layer actually only shows under the eye, mouth, and nose areas so I only have to color those spots; the rest I'll leave white (see next step for coloring). I put all the browns together and will again use my markers to color the darker shades - choose the lightest brown shade for cutting. Save the file if desired. Cut appropriate pieces of cardstock to put in the corresponding areas of the mat. Hint: turn on the grid for this and note the sizes - add a bit to each dimension for wiggle room. Load mat and send file to Silhouette Cameo for cutting. Note: you can see the pieces in the photo after step 3. Hint: if you have varying thicknesses of cardstock, you can still put them all on the same mat. Cut all pieces at the thinnest cardstock setting first, then without unloading the mat, delete the thin pieces from the Silhouette Studio mat and send again - this will double cut the thicker pieces that are left.

3. Carefully pull up the brown deer from the mat and line it up with the white version. Use a pencil to mark eye, mouth, collar, and hoof locations. Use Copic markers color nose, eyes, hoofs, and collar/bell where marked. Outline the white deer silhouette in a similar brown color used for the deer, except in the nose and collar areas. Outline antlers in a darker brown shade. Color Santa's nose, deer antlers, and inside deer ear (medium brown shade). A list of the marker colors I used can be found in Supplies at the bottom of this post.

4. Carefully pull up pieces from mat (I remove the outside scraps first). Hint: once off the mat, put small pieces in a dish so they don't get lost; I use a porcelain petal watercolor palette (photo of dish two below) because it is convenient (since I use it often for watercolor) and has 7 areas, but any small dish will do.

5. Cut red cardstock 7x10 inches; fold in half to form a 5x7 inch card base. Cut Here Comes Santa Claus (5383) from 12x12 inch paper pack to 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches. Using largest die from Nested Circle Small Stitch Die pack, die cut green cardstock. Using the second largest stitched circle, die cut multi-colored hearts sheet from Here Comes Santa Claus 6x6 paper pad. In the same pad, find the label sheet with Santa and "Merry Christmas" sentiment; cut out. Cut a piece of green cardstock about 1/16 bigger around (I just put the label in the corner with the spacing I want and lightly mark where I want to cut the other two sides in pencil).

6. Run larger items through 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive. Run the smaller items through 1.5" Sticker Maker (for the very smallest, just use liquid glue). See photo above.

7. Rub all around cellophane before removing; hint: I use a die pick to go around edges after rubbing with my fingers. Before removing the backing paper from the background patterned paper, after removing cellophane, flip over and peel backing away from paper - this helps keep the paper flat. Adhere to card base. Adhere heart circle to green circle then adhere to card base where shown. Adhere Santa with sentiment to green rectangle; stick inside card, bottom left corner (see above photo). Hint: if any adhesive is around edges, use Adhesive Remover.

8. Assemble Santa and reindeer (use images as guidelines). Adhere to card where shown. Optional: adhere red enamel dot where shown.

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