Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Jillibean Soup Birthday Explosion Card

Jillibean Soup (by Hampton Art) sent the Xyron Design Team a 12x12 collection pack, which included 12 doubled-sided sheets of paper (two of each pattern), 1 journaling card sheet, 1 die cut shape sheet, 4 washi sheets, and 1 sticker sheet - all coordinating. The collection I received was called You Make MISO Happy.

A friend's birthday is coming up in December so I decided to make her a birthday card with these cheery papers. Her favorite color is teal so I added that color family to the card. I also used reds, her birthday being so close to Christmas - there are some greens in there as well. I love the little calendar month labels included in the pack; one of the paper designs contains three sets of all the months - I chose the red one for this card and a teal heart to mark the date. The inside of the card is its own pop-up birthday party celebration - so fun!

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Making the Card

1. Cut red cardstock 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; fold in half to form a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch card base. Cut black cardstock 4 x 5 1/4 inches. In the collection pack (You Make MISO Happy), find the Tofu/dot sheet (JB2098); cut it to 3 7/8 x 5 1/8 inches. Set these aside for the moment.

2. Find the Green Card/calendar sheet (JB2093). Trim out the red December calendar label (or whatever month you would like). Cut red cardstock 1/8 inch bigger in each dimension (so there will be a 1/16 inch frame around calendar). Find the Miso Paste/red wavy sheet (JB2088); cut two 3 3/4 x 4 1/2 inch pieces from it, making sure the wavy orientation is going in the long direction (horizontally), and one piece 2 x 4 inches with the waves going across the short side - this piece will be vertical in the card, to be used for the pop up platform. Set these aside too.

3. From the die cut shape sheet, pop out the pink butterfly, pink flower in gray pot, yellow "happy", black and white "Shine On", blue standing bird, blue heart, blue dragon fly, blue flower with yellow center, blue flower in gray flower pot, and pink doily decoration. Set aside.

4. Using the banner/flag dies (Twist Panel Pop-up), die cut 1 each from red cardstock, 1 each from Tofu/dot sheet, and 1 each from Miso Paste/red wavy sheet. String on red/white twine. Hint: dab a little liquid glue on one end of the twine, twist tight, and let it dry before feeding through each flag. See photo for order of flags I used. Set aside.

5. Die cut two explosion wings (Explosion Pop-up) from red paper (you want thin paper for this if possible, due to all the folds). Fold as directed in video below. Set aside. Use the same set to die cut the pop up platform from the 2 x 4 inch Miso Paste/red wavy piece from step 2, leaving equal space above and below the die - these extra flaps will be used to glue the platform in the card. Trim off sides to be flush with die cut edges. Work folds of pop up platform. Set aside.

6. Now to add adhesive to all the pieces you set aside. Run all the large papers (but not the pop-up platform), yellow "happy", and pink doily decoration through the Xyron 9" Creative Station with permanent adhesive. Run pink butterfly, pink flower in gray pot, black and white "Shine On", blue heart, and blue dragon fly through 1.5" Sticker Maker. Hint: rub all over front of cellophane before peeling off; I use a die pick to go around edges as well. Also run a small piece of craft foam, enough to pop up the pink butterfly, through the sticker maker as well. Pull cellophane (only) off craft foam and adhere to back of pink butterfly, leaving the backing on the craft foam.

7. Adhere Tofu/dot sheet to black cardstock then adhere to front of card. Adhere calendar to red cardstock then adhere to front of card where shown. Adhere yellow "happy" where shown (leave off pink butterfly for now). Adhere "BIRTHDAY" using black letter stickers (hint: rub with teflon bone folder to get them to stick well). Adhere pink flower in gray pot where shown. Keep a scrap piece of backing paper for heart sticker. On the sticker sheet, find the teal heart. Adhere it to the piece of backing paper so you will have a handle for punching - it also keeps the piece from sticking when you punch. Use a pencil to mark the center of the heart. Use the lager hole on the Crop-a-Dile or 1/8 Inch Hole Punch to line up the center mark and punch. Adhere heart to calendar around birth date.

8. Adhere explosion wings inside card on either side, making sure nothing sticks out when folded (see video above). Orient two Miso Paste/red wavy pieces to how they will be in the card (I recommend first cutting these pieces away from other pieces and trimming the backing paper off close to the edges of the papers). Do the following with the bottom piece, then do the top piece: place inside card, use a pencil to mark corners where they overlap wing folds, trim corners with detail scissors, adhere in card making sure fold movements are not hindered.

9. To add the pop up platform (step 5) to the card, you will adhere one side, then the other. Use the top of platform (in photo above, the part that is behind the flower pot that extends and attaches to card) to make a pencil mark on the inside bottom of card from fold; this is the width at which it will be adhered so it will open properly. It should be around 1 1/8 inches unless your fold was off a bit. Use Mega Runner and/or Tape Runner to put adhesive on the reverse side of the bottom flap (not red wavy side) - this is the flap with the small platform cut into it; do not put adhesive on the small platform or anywhere else. Line up hole side with mark (the flap will be to the outside of the mark, not near the fold) and press down. Holding the platform completely shut, put adhesive on the top flap and carefully close card top pick up platform. The pop up platform should now function.

10. To adhere banners on twine, put a line of liquid glue adhesive (I recommend using a fineline tip bottle) across top of smallest explosion fold on one side - see photo where the twine is strung. I suggest placing card upside down on its front while doing this. Place one end of twine in glue and let dry. String other side and glue (you may want to stand banners up to give the twine a little support while drying). Trim ends and add a small drop of glue to ends so they won't fray. Adhere dot washi strip where shown on inside bottom of card. Die cut two heart balloons (Explosion Pop-up), one from red cardstock and one from Tofu/dot paper. While still in die, use die stencil and a white gel pen to add a highlight to balloons. Die cut two balloon strings from black cardstock, adhere balloons to strings. Note: when you adhere balloons in card, make sure they do not show when card is closed (this can be a little tricky - if in doubt, go a little lower). Adhere the rest of the decorative elements where shown (use Tape Runner to put adhesive on bird and flowers just where they touch the platform). Adhere pink butterfly where shown on front of card.

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  1. Too cute. Love the ruffles on the sides.
    Something different in a card.
    thanks for sharing

  2. Love the fun fold on this festive card. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  3. Beautiful birthday card! I am sure your friend will love it.


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