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Warming Up Together Winter Birthday Card

Dreamerland Crafts Stamp with Karen Burniston Dies

I made this card for my husband's birthday - he loves pop up cards. Although I think I've spoiled him... when I gave this to him, he actually said "I only want pop-ups from now on." The image is so sweet - a couple warming up with some close, quiet conversation and hot cocoa (hey, I can imagine hot chocolate if I want!). I chose Authentique papers for the color scheme, in muted colors (looks more masculine, I think). You can use any winter themed papers for the card; I recommend painting the couple's clothes to match. I used Distress Mixed Media Heavystock paper for stamping, which has a warm cream color, along with Winsor & Newton professional watercolors, although you could use any watercolor you like or even Distress Inks.

Dreamerland Crafts Stamp with Karen Burniston Dies

Karen Burniston's die sets usually include lots of extra decorator pieces. It's great to mix and match dies from different sets. I also did this with two of her word sets to create the sentiment.

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Making the Card

1. Cut cream cardstock 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; fold in half to form a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch card base. Before  continuing, please watch the assembly video so you will have an idea of how the frames will be cut and the mechanism will work. I altered the format a little but most of this will apply. Regarding liquid glue, I used Lineco pH Neutral adhesive in a Fineline no-clog applicator bottle - it's especially helpful when applying small die cuts such as the words on the card. For the strong tape, try Therm O Web's Double-Sided Super Tape.

2. Cut house patterned paper from Authentique Seasons: Winter 6x6 pad to 4 x 5 1/4 inches. Temporarily adhere to card base. Note: I did this so I could sandwich the clear plastic between the card base and this paper; alternatively you could cut the plastic with the large frame die and sandwich it between the purple frame and this paper. Use medium (dotted) die from Katherine Label Pop-up to die cut a hole 1/2 inch from points to both the top and left side.

3. Cut a piece of recycled plastic packaging just larger than window (you could use the large Katherine Label die to cut it out, which you would do if you decided to sandwich under the frame - in this case you will adhere the frame in step 4 to the plastic). Adhere to card base over hole. I used liquid glue for this, making sure not to get any in the window. Line up and adhere house patterned paper from step 2.

Dreamerland Crafts Stamp with Karen Burniston Dies

4. Die cut purple paper from Authentique Seasons: Winter by creating a frame with the large and medium Katherine Label dies as shown in the video at 5:08. Repeat for the blue paper. Keep centers. Adhere the purple frame to the front and the blue to the inside as shown in the photos.

5. With Jet Black Archival Ink (or other black waterproof ink), stamp Warming Up Together (Dreamerland Crafts) on Distress Mixed Media Heavystock paper (I recommend using a Stamp Platform or stamp positioner). Watercolor image. I matched the colors to the paper by mixing and testing on a scrap of the same paper; be sure to mix enough paint before coloring. I used Winsor & Newton Professional watercolors. Many of the colors are transparent and work well in layers (glazing) - just be sure each layer is fully dry before adding another and do not rub or work the area or the layer(s) below will reactivate. I highly recommend a porcelain palette; the paint will not bead on their surface. You can simply use an inexpensive plate from a dollar store or buy one made for the purpose. I have a small 7 well palette like this one by Darice. I used a couple of Silver Black Velvet brushes (the travel versions) in sizes 2 and 8 (large for initial wash and background).

Dreamerland Crafts stamp with Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor

6. Once dry, trim the image to a close rectangle. Use a 1/2 inch corner rounder on the corners. From purple paper, die cut chain decorations (Tag Book Pop-up), all three hearts (Katherine Label Pop-up), and snowflakes - two small and one large - (Winter Charms), keeping the centers of the large snowflake. Also cut the large snowflake from cream cardstock, and keep the center. *Coat the two smaller hearts, one small purple snowflake, and one large purple snowflake and its center in Milled Lavender Distress Stickles (if you don't have Distress Stickles, which are hard to find, you may coat with Rock Candy Distress Glitter and color with alcohol markers, or just use another color of Stickles). Also add Faded Jeans Distress Stickles to heart and snowflakes as desired and Picket Fence Distress Stickles to the small center of cream snowflake. Set aside to dry.

*I first stick the die cuts to Post-it Tape before adding Stickles to make it easier to apply - it gives you a handle and keeps the die cuts from moving around.

7. Adhere one chain decoration to side of image as shown and trim off any extra. Adhere two hearts as shown on right side of image. Assemble pop-up mechanism as shown in video, making sure to line up bottom of the box on the arm inside the window as recommended. Adhere image as shown in video (i.e. exposing adhesive and closing card) - be sure the image lines up in the window but also clears the corner of the arm for movement.

8. From blue paper (Authentique Seasons: Winter), die cut "Winter", "Greetings" (Word Set 3 - Holiday), and "Birthday" (Word Set 2 - Birthday). Die cut oval (Katherine Label Pop-up) from cream cardstock and small label from purple. Adhere cream oval to small purple label; adhere "Winter" to cream oval - adhere all this to medium blue label using dimensional/mounting tape. Adhere labels, snowflakes, hearts, and words where shown. For small die cuts, I use reverse tweezers, which make it easy to place them.

Dreamerland Crafts Stamp with Karen Burniston Dies

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