Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Katie Label Accordion Halloween Card Featuring Tilda - ECD September Challenge

Created for ECD Design Team

This month's challenge is Fall and Halloween. I had colored this image of Tilda a while ago. She fit perfectly in the Katie Label shape for this card. The candy corn paper went really well with the beautiful ECD Peel-Off stickers. The surprise on this card is that the pumpkin Peel-Off is removable and may be placed elsewhere, e.g. on a votive holder. Guess what's behind it! (See further down the post.)

Making the Card

1. Cut three copies of the Katie Label Accordion main die from purple cardstock (flap to right). Also cut one from the green patterned paper for the front of the card (flip the paper so you are cutting from the back side of the paper), as well as one from the "I Want Candy" patterned paper (do not flip paper; cut from patterned side). Trim both sheets of patterned paper 1/8 inch all around. Adhere the green patterned paper to the back of one of the purple sheets, lining it up carefully. Temporarily adhere the "I Want Candy" patterned paper to the other side.

2. Note: except when decorating the front of the card, keep the flaps to the right. Cut one copy of the Katie Label Accordion from clear plastic packaging. With scissors, rough cut a small amount all around the label part following the contour; discard the rest. See last image below: stick spider and web Peel-Off as shown (cut small spider from web first - you will use it in step 7).

3. Using the largest label die, cut a window centered on the accordion page with the patterned paper. Remove the temporarily adhered paper then sandwich and glue the clear plastic packaging under it before adhering it permanently.

4. Adhere the "I Want Candy" label to the front of one of the blank purple accordion pages as shown. This will become the last page. Cut off flap; it will not be used (see Katie Label Accordion instructions).

5. Stamp Tilda with Pumpkin onto watercolor paper using a waterproof black ink. Watercolor with Distress Inks as desired. Note: I used a waterproof black pen to draw the dirt near her feet before painting. Using the Katie Label main die, cut out image. Flip the die and cut again - making sure to line up the already cut parts. Use removable tape to keep it in place while cutting. This cleanly removes the page tabs.

6. Using light colored Distress Inks, stamp webs, eyes, and "eek" as desired around edges of Tilda. Using ink blending tool, add Mowed Lawn Distress Ink along edges as shown. Add Clear Wink of Stella to pumpkin. Adhere to last blank Katie Label Accordion page. This will become the middle page.

7. Cut decorative corner elements from purple cardstock and green patterned paper. Adhere green ones opposite each other on the Tilda page (top right, bottom left). Add the small spider hanging from the top right green corner. Adhere one of the purple corners to the top left of the green patterned paper page (this will become the front of the card). The other corner will not be used.

8. Cut 2 large, 4 medium, and 2 small five petaled flowers (Bunch of Flowers 1) from black cardstock. Cut the 2 medium and 2 small of the Triple Leaf from light green cardstock. Using the foam blending tool, add Mowed Lawn to the leaves, followed by Black Soot as shown (don't cover the centers completely, let the black fade to the center). Cover flowers and leaves with Wink of Stella. Shape as desired. Cover with Distress Crackle Paint. Let dry. Adhere flower layers together as shown (large with medium, medium with small), offsetting each layer. Add a gem to center of each.

9. Adhere one medium triple leaf and one large flower to top right of card front as shown. Adhere another on the opposite side in mirror position. Adhere one small triple leaf and one medium flower to the bottom right corner of Tilda page. Adhere last leaf and flower to the top right of the candy corn label page.

10. Create a repositionable sticker (see my earlier blog post on how to make one) with the pumpkin Peel-Off. Stick to the front of the window on the candy corn patterned paper side (you will actually see this from the front when it is closed).

11. Stick one side of double sided adhesive to white card stock. Peel the backing paper from the other side and stick the three candy corn Peel-Offs to it (not too close together - you will need to cut around them). Add Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter over the top and polish with your finger. Color with alcohol markers to match the candy corn on the patterned paper. Cut around each, then run a black marker along the edges to hide any white. Use dimensional tape to stick one on the bottom right of the card front and the other two to the top half of the "I Want Candy" label as shown.

12. Cut ovals from black and white cardstock. Stamp Happy Halloween on white one; ink edges with Mowed Lawn Distress Ink using ink blending tool. Adhere black oval below candy corn as shown. Use dimensional tape to adhere white stamped oval, offsetting it upwards a little from the black.

13. Using a strong adhesive, stick the accordion pages together as shown in the instructions. Tie twine around last page as shown. Optional: add spider web washi tape around left side of middle page (covering the seam down the back and continuing around).

14. Add dimensional tape behind large spider Halloween Peel-Off; fill in the holes with black marker. Add black gems to body. Stick to bottom left of the card front.


Elizabeth Craft Designs
Other Supplies
  • Cardstock: Purple, Black, Lt. Green, White
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Waterproof Black Ink
  • Distress Inks
  • Magnolia Stamp, Tilda with Pumpkin
  • Ink Blending Tool, Foam
  • Web, Eek, Eye Stamps (or Halloween Themed Stamps)
  • Happy Halloween Stamp
  • Tim Coffee, I Want Candy Halloween Paper by K&Company
  • Clear Plastic Packaging (or Transparency)
  • Distress Crackle Paint
  • Washi Tape, Spider Webs (Optional)
  • Twine, Purple/Black


  1. What a great idea to have the spider hanging in the first panel so there's something going on if the Pumpkin "cling" is removed to use elsewhere!

    1. Thanks Judi! I love the "clings" - I've gone a bit crazy sticking them to things around the house!

  2. Wow Mary - what a spectacular card. LOVE your window idea hiding behind the repositional sticker. So creative.

    1. Thanks Karen! I wanted to make a repositionable sticker for the front and was trying to figure out how to make the card still look good when it was removed so I came up with the window with the spider & web - the "window" plastic makes it easy to remove the sticker.


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