Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Craft Room Plans!

I've been a professional photographer for about 14 years. When I began my business, starting with Impressions Photography (mostly wedding photography) and now Acanthus Productions (portrait art and commercial photography), I had a full first-class darkroom complete with 9 foot Regal Arkay sink and color enlarger. (By the way, I'm selling all my darkroom equipment, in case you know anyone who might be interested!) Since most of my work is now digital or printed on a large format ink jet printer, I don't have much use for the ol' darkroom. Thus I decided to convert it to a craft room! Yay!

The darkroom was painted black, as you might expect, and had a few too many walls (forming a light trap) so some major renovations have been going on. I put in a pocket door to the hallway and enlarged the doorway to my office (I decided not to replace the door and just leave it open). One wall had to be kept due to pipes going through it but it worked out since I was able to add a knee wall from it and cabinets on both sides. Below are the final plans from Home Depot; the renderings below are also from Home Depot. Ignore the cabinets on the right side of the plans - those actually go to the laundry room.

The following rendering is shown drawn in the upper left of the plans above. I have two work desk areas (in case someone wants to come craft with me!). The pocket door to the hall is on the left; the other opening (partially shown) goes to my office.
Below shows the knee wall and cabinets looking from the hall through the pocket door opening.

Below is my sink area. The cabinets were updated to singles on the left side (you can see it in the plans above). Note: the colors of my walls are a pale pink now (no more black!). The entire wall that the sink is on is an accent wall in burgundy. The counters will be mostly black granite.

 I plan to post photos once everything is done (probably in July, sigh).

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