Tuesday, February 4, 2014

HoneyPOP Elephant Birthday Card

HoneyPOP stamps coordinate with Honeycomb Paper Pads, both by Inky Antics. You will see the effect in the photo of the inside of the card, further below. This card was made with the Birthday Elephant clear stamp set.

The images were colored with Prismacolor Pencils and Sansodor (literally "without odor;" it is basically odorless mineral spirits). Be sure to do this in a well ventilated room; even though you may not be able to smell them, there are fumes. After applying a light coat of color, use blending stumps to dip into the Sansodor then gently blend (start with a circular motion) until you get the look you like. The color will become much stronger when the Sansodor is applied.

I label the ends of my blending stumps (R=red, B=blue, RO=red/orange, etc.) so I know which stump goes with which color. You can sand or cut (using very sharp scissors) the ends off if they get frayed or you want less color. I usually start by testing the stump on a piece of white paper before blending just to make sure the color I used before won't interfere with the color I'm planning to blend. For example, for the elephant's cheeks, I wanted just a hint of pink so I ended up cleaning the pink stump (cutting a bit off) then testing it on scrap paper before using it on my image.

The daisies were created in Silhouette Studio. I used the Sizzix Mini Daisy dies as a sort of template. I also looked at photos of real daisies thus my petals and leaves are different shapes from the Sizzix versions. I own the Sizzix set but wanted to be able to create different sizes. I also didn't like having to glue each individual petal when making them. My file has 4 petals linked together. I use 4 of the linked petal sets for each flower (total of 16 petals). I cut them out of high quality smooth white paper (a bit heavier than copy paper but not a heavy as card stock). I shaped them on the back of a rubber mouse pad with my die pick (basically drew lines down them) and curled them back slightly using my thumb (you can do this over the end of a small paint brush). I added a little yellow paint to the petals before gluing the layers together. Once assembled I added Liquid Pearls to the centers and dusted them with yellow flocking powder.

The leaves were also shaped on the back of the mouse pad. I drew a line starting at the stem area across the middle of the leaf then curled the lobes back, in a similar manner to the petals. I added some shading with slightly darker green paint (likely Distress Reinker applied with a waterbrush).

Both the hat (front of card) and gift (inside) were mounted using dimensional tape to pop them up. Below the Honeycomb rainbow pad can be seen as the balloon. The stamp set comes with a template to stamp on the edge of the Honeycomb paper. Just cut along the marked line and glue each side along the center fold of the card; I usually glue one side, apply adhesive to the other, then close the card.

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