Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Copic Watercolor Background

I like the look of watercolor for the background on some of my images. I wanted to get this look with my Copic markers. This is what I ended up doing; I think it turned out pretty well! For the background below I used B63 and B60, as well as the Colorless Blender 0. Don't forget to use a backing sheet. I usually color on my Ranger Craft Sheet. It can be easily wiped off with alcohol. Love it!

I start with my darker shade, in this case B63. I dot around the image, overlapping as I go.

I let it dry and go over some parts again to give it more depth.

Next I start adding the lighter color, in this case B60. Again I overlap the dots, as well as mix into the darker dots.

To get a little more seamless blend, I use the light marker tip-to-tip with the darker marker and add more dots, smearing around as I go. I also add more darker dots close in to the subject since they begin to lighten as the lighter layers are added.

Finally, I go over the whole background, working from the outside moving in, with the Colorless Blender. I usually do this with more of an S movement to get a brushed look.

Below is another example of the "watercolor" look using markers with a little more blue in them.


  1. Hi Alyce, Thanks! For the first image I used B63 and B60 (and the colorless blender). For the last image I don't remember, but I think I used B39 and B41 (and the colorless blender). The colors are what I usually use for blue jeans. If I have the image around I'll try to match it with the markers and repost to confirm this (or post colors if other than these). I may have made a card with it and sent it out so if you don't see another post, that's what happened!


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